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Saturday 25th May 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
Mistral AI and Harvey Partnership

Harvey, a legal startup, has partnered with Mistral. The announcement is low on details, but it's likely that they will develop a custom legal model together.

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Apple’s foldable MacBooks rumored to ship in 2026

Apple is rumored to be shipping foldable MacBooks in 2026, with options for a 20-inch or 18.8-inch display. The devices are expected to feature a crease-free folding screen and Apple's M5 processor, potentially going into production by the end of the next year.

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Daylight debuts world's first 'blue-light-free computer' with a 120Hz LivePaper display

The Daylight DC1 is is the first computer designed to be blue-light-free for better sleep and technology use. The DC1 features a unique LivePaper display with a 120Hz refresh rate and runs on a minimalist Android-based operating system to reduce distractions.

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🤖 Artificial Inteligence
French AI startup H raises $220M seed round

H, a Paris-based AI startup with a renowned founding team, has raised a record-breaking $220 million seed round shortly after its inception, attracting investments from billionaires, VCs, and strategic backers. The company aims to develop AI agents for automating tasks traditionally done by humans.

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Reflections on our Responsible Scaling Policy

Anthropic's Responsible Scaling Policy aims to prevent catastrophic AI safety failures by identifying high-risk capabilities, testing models regularly, and implementing strict safety standards, with a focus on continuous improvement and collaboration with industry and government.

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Casper Labs Announces AI Governance Solution, Prove AI

Casper Labs and IBM are developing a solution called Prove AI that allows organizations to revert to previous versions of AI systems, crucial for successful enterprise software deployment.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
SEC approves rule change to allow creation of ether ETFs

The SEC has approved a rule change enabling the potential launch of ETFs that invest in ether, one of the top cryptocurrencies, following the success of bitcoin ETFs with over $12 billion in net inflows. Although the approval from the SEC is a positive step, it still does not guarantee the immediate launch of ether ETFs.

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Bionic Eye Gets a New Lease of Life

Pixium Vision, a company with an innovative retinal implant that tackles vision loss, has been acquired by Science, a bioelectronics startup run by Neuralink's co-founder, Max Hodak. Pixium was in danger of disappearing completely after running out of money last November. Studies suggest that its technology is safe and potentially effective.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Contrast (GitHub Repo)

Contrast is a tool for confidential container deployments on Kubernetes, offering strong hardware-based isolation through confidential micro-VMs. Its goal is to keep all data encrypted and secure, integrating smoothly with existing Kubernetes workflows and providing features like workload attestation and strict isolation.

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Design System Retrospective

This article discusses the challenges faced when implementing a design system that required compositional thinking for React and React Native development. The author realized that the restrictiveness of the system hindered some developers' ability to adapt, leading to a retrospective on the approach taken and a consideration for building future design systems around Tailwind/NativeWind.

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Cohere's Aya Model

The Aya project has 3 different models of increasing size and can converse in 101 languages, many of which are extremely low resource. This project is an incredible step for the open and general access research community.

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⚡ Quick Links

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