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Monday 27th May 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search

Google's new AI Overview product is causing chaos on social media as users report bizarre responses like suggesting putting glue on pizza or eating rocks. The rollout has been messy, with Google racing to manually disable specific searches as memes go viral.

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Elon Musk plans xAI supercomputer

Elon Musk's AI startup xAI plans to build a supercomputer to power its AI chatbot Grok, aiming to have it operational by fall 2025. Oracle may help develop the supercomputer, which will use Nvidia's flagship H100 GPUs, with Musk emphasizing a need for significant computational power for future AI models.

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🤖 Artificial Inteligence
Meta and Elon Musk’s xAI fight to partner with chatbot group

Silicon Valley AI firms are fighting to partner with, a fast-growing role-playing startup founded by AI pioneer Noam Shazeer. This comes as many large firms are pouring money into smaller companies.

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Scarlett Johansson told OpenAI not to use her voice

Scarlett Johansson revealed that OpenAI asked her to voice the ChatGPT system, but she declined; however, the company proceeded to create a voice that closely resembled hers. She is now expressing concerns and seeking legal counsel regarding how the voice, known as Sky, was developed.

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Golden Gate Claude

A new research paper details the mapping of AI model Claude 3 Sonnet's inner workings, revealing "features" activated by concepts like the Golden Gate Bridge. By adjusting the strength of these features, such as the "Golden Gate Bridge" concept, the model's behavior can be influenced.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
SpaceX sets date for next Starship flight, explains what went wrong the last time

SpaceX is preparing for the next flight of its Starship rocket on June 5, aiming to demonstrate successful soft landings of the Super Heavy first stage and controlled reentry of the Starship upper stage. The company is addressing technical issues such as filter blockages in the engines and clogged valves.

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'Absolute miracle' breakthrough provides recipe for zero-carbon cement

A new process developed by researchers at Cambridge University can recycle old concrete and purify steel at the same time, producing "reactivated cement" as a byproduct and potentially creating carbon-zero cement when powered by renewable energy. This innovative technique significantly reduces CO2 emissions in both concrete and steel production.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Essays on programming I think about a lot

This page contains an index of programming essays along with summaries of what they're about. The essays cover topics like approaches to software development, how to make technical decisions, how to succeed as an engineer at a startup, and more.

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Mistral Finetune (GitHub Repo)

"Mistral-finetune is a codebase designed for memory-efficient and performant fine-tuning of Mistral models based on the LoRA training paradigm. It is optimized for multi-GPU-single-node setups and recommends using A100 or H100 GPUs for maximum efficiency."

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Why you shouldn't use AI to write your tests

People are experimenting with using AI to automatically generate tests, with mixed opinions on its benefits and drawbacks. This post discusses the importance of writing tests based on high-level functionality to ensure their lasting value and effectiveness.

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