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Wednesday 29th May 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
OpenAI training its next major AI model, forms new safety committee

OpenAI announced the formation of a new "Safety and Security Committee" focused on AI safety measures. The announcement also addresses potential delays in the release of GPT-5, as the company has recently trained a model expected to enhance its journey towards achieving AGI.

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An Anonymous Source Shared Thousands of Leaked Google Search API Documents with Me; Everyone in SEO Should See Them

API documentation from Google Search was recently leaked. The 2,500-page document contained 14,014 attributes that appear to come from Google's internal Content API Warehouse. Overall, the leak suggests that user intent and brand recognition may be more important factors for ranking than traditional SEO.

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🤖 Artificial Inteligence
New agent capabilities in Microsoft Copilot unlock business value

Microsoft unveiled new features for Copilot at Build 2024, including Team Copilot for team collaboration, custom AI Agents to automate workflows, and Copilot Extensions and Connectors for easy customization.

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Anthropic hires former OpenAI safety lead to head up new team

Jan Leike has left OpenAI and joined Anthropic to lead a new team focused on AI safety and security, with a specific focus on scalable oversight and automated alignment research. The team at Anthropic, led by Leike, aims to tackle the challenges of aligning AI systems at human level and beyond.

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Opera adds Google’s Gemini to its browsers

Opera browser has integrated Google’s Gemini AI models into its Aria AI extension, allowing users to get more up-to-date information and conversational responses. Aria, acting as an AI assistant, selects the best AI model for specific tasks and now taps into Google's Gemini to provide users with the most current information.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
Neuralink rival sets brain-chip record with 4,096 electrodes on human brain

Precision Neuroscience has set a new world record with 4,096 neuron-tapping electrodes on a living human's brain, surpassing the previous record. Their minimally invasive brain implant, which sits on top of the brain and contains modular electrode films, is expected to hit the market next year.

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Japan plans new robot sweeper to clean nuclear fuel from Fukushima

A robot tested successfully at a shipyard in Japan will enter the Fukushima plant in October to retrieve nuclear fuel samples, progressing TEPCO's plan to clean up the site within 30 to 40 years. The robot will collect fuel debris from one of the damaged reactors, a critical step towards decommissioning work.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Your API Shouldn't Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

The common practice of redirecting API calls from HTTP to HTTPS should be reconsidered. This post emphasizes the importance of adopting a fail-fast approach for APIs, disabling unencrypted connections or providing clear error responses to prevent sensitive data exposure and mitigate security risks.

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Driving World Model

The text discusses zero-shot action controllability, where the ego-vehicle can be controlled using either trajectory or angle+speed inputs. The actions derived from these inputs are displayed for demonstration clarity, providing insight into how the vehicle can be controlled.

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Reproducing GPT-2 (124M) in llm.c in 90 minutes for $20

Andrej Karpathy has released an update to LLM C, a single self contained GPT-2 implementation aimed at reproducing the 2019 suite of models. With this most recent update, the library is able to train the smallest of these models in just 90 minutes.

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⚡ Quick Links

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Nvidia said to be prepping AI PC chip with Arm and Blackwell cores LINK


YouTube has now begun skipping videos altogether for users with ad blockers LINK


Klarna using GenAI to cut marketing costs by $10 mln annually. LINK


Anduril Is Building Out the Pentagon’s Dream of Deadly Drone Swarms. LINK


China's military introduces robot dog in joint drills with Cambodia. LINK


RansomHub group says it was behind Christie's attack, threatens to release private data of half a million customers. LINK

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