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Monday 3rd June 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
Nvidia announces new AI chips months after latest launch as market competition heats up

Nvidia has unveiled its next-generation AI chip architecture named "Rubin" to succeed the previously announced "Blackwell" model in just a matter of months. This rapid advancement underscored Nvidia's competitive edge in the AI chip market, as major competitors like AMD and Intel try to catch up.

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SpaceX Aims to Launch Cellular Starlink Service This Fall

SpaceX has revealed plans to launch its Starlink system for phones this fall in a filing about the FCC's new rules on supplying satellite connectivity to US carriers. The company says that the FCC's current framework for supplying satellite connectivity to phones is too restrictive.

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🤖 Artificial Inteligence
OpenAI is restarting its robotics research group

OpenAI is re-launching its robotics research group, focusing on applying generative AI to tasks like manipulation, after a three-year hiatus. The company is actively hiring a research robotics engineer to develop new capabilities for robots and improve existing models, signaling a renewed focus on robotics.

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Nvidia said to be prepping AI PC chip with Arm and Blackwell cores

Nvidia is rumored to be working on its first PC CPU for a 2025 chip, which will include off-the-shelf ARM Cortex X5 cores and Blackwell GPU cores, possibly utilizing Intel's fabs for production. The company aims to create a low-power/high-performance chip with integrated GPU to target the laptop market.

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AI is cracking a hard problem – giving computers a sense of smell

Smell in humans is experienced through about 400 types of receptors in the nose. Scientists are using machine learning to help computers learn what certain molecules or sets of molecules smell like to humans. Machine learning is key to digitizing smells because it can learn to map molecular structures...

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
What would you do with a robotic third thumb?

A new wearable robotic thumb called "The Third Thumb" has been designed to enhance users' biological capabilities and increase accessibility, aiming to assist users in completing tasks that would be challenging without it.

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China's Chang'e 6 spacecraft lands on far side of the moon to collect samples

A Chinese spacecraft successfully landed on the far side of the moon to collect soil and rock samples, marking the sixth mission in the Chang'e moon exploration program. This mission, named Chang'e 6, aims to gather insights into the differences between the less-explored far side of the moon and the well-known near side.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Video Generation with Mora

Mora is an innovative video generation model that leverages multiple visual AI agents to challenge Sora, the leading model by OpenAI.

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Boosting LLM's Ability to Follow Complex Instructions (GitHub Repo)

Conifer improves LLMs' understanding of complex instructions by introducing a specialized dataset and a progressive learning approach.

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An interview with the most prolific jailbreaker of ChatGPT and other leading LLMs

OpenAI unveiled its advanced AI model GPT-4o, showcasing its conversational capabilities and multiformat response functions. Shortly after, the model was successfully jailbroken by an individual known as "Pliny the Prompter," allowing unrestricted access to features like generating explicit content and analyzing X-ray images.

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