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Wednesday 5th June 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
Nvidia emails: Elon Musk diverting Tesla GPUs to his other companies

Elon Musk is accused of diverting 12,000 Nvidia GPU clusters from Tesla to his other company X, prompting questions about Tesla's focus on AI over car manufacturing. Tesla has been developing its own in-house supercomputer for AI, but it would become redundant if the company could source more H100s.

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Leaked Google database reveals its secret privacy and security failures

A leaked internal Google database from 2013 to 2018 reveals numerous privacy and security incidents flagged by employees, although Google confirmed that many were related to third-party services or resolved quickly. The collective data shows the challenge of managing large amounts of personal information.

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It's not just you: Google seemingly scaled back AI Overviews after its rocky launch

AI Overviews in Google Search have faced criticism and a decline in visibility, with healthcare-related queries still showing a significant percentage of AI results. Google has responded by drastically reducing the appearance of AI Overviews in search results following feedback and criticism.

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🤖 Artificial Intelligence
Will Scaling Solve Robotics?

Over 900 people attended last year's Conference on Robot Learning, which featured 11 workshops and almost 200 accepted papers. One of the largest debates at the event was whether training a large neural network on a very large data set was a feasible way to solve robotics. This post presents the different sides of the argument.

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OpenAI whistleblowers describe reckless and secretive culture

A group of OpenAI insiders alleges that the company fosters a culture of recklessness and secrecy while racing to build the most powerful A.I. systems ever created. Nine current and former employees have voiced concerns that OpenAI has not adequately prevented its A.I. systems from potentially becoming dangerous.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
Flawed, scandalous trials tank FDA expert support for MDMA therapy

The FDA advisory committee voted against approving MDMA for post-traumatic stress disorder therapy due to significant concerns over bias, missing data, and safety issues, despite positive patient results shown in the clinical trials. The committee raised doubts about the validity of the positive outcomes.

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‘Extremely impressive’: melanoma jab trial results excite doctors

A mRNA cancer vaccine for melanoma halves the risk of patients dying or the disease returning after three years. The vaccine is custom-built for each patient and specific to each patient's tumor. The average risk of recurrence is 50%, but the vaccine brought the risk of recurrence down to 25%.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Skip SDKs in Simple Integrations

SDKs are not always beneficial and can complicate development. They often organize API interactions differently to how developers want them, have hidden complexities and have learning overhead. Using direct API calls allows for offline development, custom typing information, and easier swapping of vendors.

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Jailbreaking of Large Language Models

Researchers have introduced improved methods for optimization-based jailbreaking of large language models, building on the Greedy Coordinate Gradient (GCG) attack.

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Improved Video Super Resolution

Researchers have developed a training-free video interpolation method called ZeroSmooth for generative video diffusion models. This new approach, compatible with various models, enhances frame rates without the need for extensive training or large datasets.

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