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Friday 7th June 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
SpaceX’s Starship took a beating but held on for first return from space

SpaceX's Starship rocket completed its fourth test flight successfully. The test fell short of total perfection, but it was still a large success. Two of the 33 Raptor engines on the Super Heavy booster failed and there was damage to the ship's thermal protection tiles and one of its control flaps.

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Humane warns AI Pin owners to ‘immediately’ stop using its charging case

Humane is advising AI Pin owners to stop using the charging case that came with the gadget due to a fire safety risk associated with a third-party battery cell. The company is offering two free months of its subscription service as compensation, and is working to find a new supplier for the battery cells.

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Meta can't stop leaking its next VR headset, as it accidentally shows off the Quest 3S

Meta has inadvertently leaked its upcoming VR headset, the Meta Quest 3S, for the second time in two weeks, this time through a video filmed by its CTO Andrew Bosworth. The video showcased the new mixed-reality upgrades in Horizon OS v66 and featured an unidentified new Quest headset in the background.

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🤖 Artificial Intelligence
Qwen 2 Launch

Qwen 2 is a new flagship language model from Alibaba Cloud. It slightly surpasses Llama 3 70B on benchmark performance in English while being a better multilingual model.

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Nvidia emails: Elon Musk diverting Tesla GPUs to his other companies

Elon Musk is accused of diverting Tesla resources, specifically high-end H100 GPU clusters from Nvidia, to his other companies, such as his social media company, X. These actions raise concerns about Musk's focus on developing AI products rather than sustaining Tesla's core business of manufacturing cars.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
Scientists develop ultra-thin battery for smart contact lenses that could be charged by tears

Researchers have created an ultra-thin battery about 0.2 millimeters thick. Powered by a biocompatible saline solution, the battery is thin enough to fit inside a 0.5-millimeter contact lens. The battery can use the glucose in tears to power up. Its capacity and voltage are currently insufficient for an internet connection.

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Most Life on Earth is Dormant, After Pulling an ‘Emergency Brake’

Researchers discovered a new protein named Balon that can halt a cell's production of new proteins, aiding in the dormancy mechanism observed in many organisms. Balon, found in Arctic bacteria and other species, interferes with ribosomes to conserve energy during harsh conditions.

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💻 Programming & Data Science
Down for less than four minutes a month: how AWS deploys code

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers impressive uptime commitments, with most services aiming for 99.9% uptime and some going even higher at 99.999%. To meet these tight SLAs, AWS relies heavily on automation in deployment processes. This article takes a look at how AWS achieves this feat.

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Extracting concepts from GPT-4

The team at OpenAI has discovered 16 million interpretable features in GPT-4 including price increases, algebraic rings, and who/what correspondence. This is a great step forward for SAE interpretability at scale. They shared the code in a companion GitHub repository.

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Dragonfly: A large vision-language model with multi-resolution zoom

The Together AI team has a novel VLM that excels at extremely high resolution images due to its efficient architecture.

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Visual Geo-localization with Multi-Modal Learning

Researchers have developed a new two-stage training method to improve Visual Geo-localization (VG), enhancing its performance in applications like autonomous driving, augmented reality, and SLAM.

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