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Tuesday 11th June 2024

📱 Big Tech & Startups
OpenAI and Apple Partnership

Apple announced at WWDC 2024 that it is integrating ChatGPT into a variety of native experiences on iOS devices. It plans to eventually expand to use voice and other capabilities.

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New York Times source code leaks on 4chan

An anonymous 4chan user leaked the source code for The New York Times, including the code for Wordle, making over 3.6 million files available for download. The leaked archive contained numerous sensitive files like email marketing campaigns and ad reports, with only a few encrypted.

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HP CEO: Hybrid work is killing the print industry

HP CEO Enrique Lores revealed that the shift to hybrid work is causing a 20 percent decline in the number of printed pages in homes, offices, and SOHO environments compared to pre-pandemic levels. Lores noted that the popularity of hybrid work is primarily responsible for impacting HP's core printing business significantly.

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🤖 Artificial Intelligence
Every “Apple Intelligence” feature announced

Apple has unveiled its "Apple Intelligence" AI suite, which has features like a conversational Siri, AI-generated "Genmoji," and GPT-4o integration for complex requests. The capabilities will be exclusive to newer iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Apple has emphasized privacy with on-device processing.

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Meta faces legal complaints over AI data plans

Meta has informed European users that from June 26, their public information on platforms like Facebook and Instagram will be used to improve AI models, without requiring user consent. Activists claim the new privacy policy changes allowing the use of European user data to train AI models violates data protection laws.

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How AI Image Models Work

AI image generation has progressed from creating images based on text descriptions since 2022. Using a child's game analogy, this article explains how these models refine noisy inputs to produce detailed and specific images, showcasing the rapid advancements and potential of AI in visual creativity.

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🚀 Science & Future Tech
We just broke ground on America’s first next-gen nuclear facility

Kemmerer, Wyoming, will soon be home to the most advanced nuclear facility in the world. It will hopefully come online in 2030. There is still a review process to be completed - TerraPower will build out the non-nuclear parts of the facility in the meantime.

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Neutrinos: The inscrutable “ghost particles” driving scientists crazy

Neutrinos, once considered elusive particles, have become the focus of extensive research due to their mysterious behaviour and implications for particle physics. The discovery of multiple generations of neutrinos, along with the revelation of their mass, has disrupted previous understandings of physics.

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💻 Research & Tools
Payments 101 for a Developer

This page contains a list of processes and core concepts for developers in the payments team of an online business or payments service provider. It can be frustrating to work in an environment without understanding the terminologies used in every conversation.

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Proofread: Fixes All Errors with One Tap

The Gboard team has outlined how they use SFT on a PaLM2-XS model to fix sentence and paragraph-level errors in written text on device. They found dramatic improvements and usage due to latency optimizations.

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Thread: AI-Powered Jupyter Notebook

Thread is an AI-powered Jupyter Notebook that combines the experience of OpenAI's code interpreter with the familiar development environment of a Python notebook, allowing users to use natural language while being able to edit or re-run code as they would in a regular Jupyter Notebook.

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The team at Snap Research was able to reduce the size of the Stable Diffusion UNet model from 1.72 GB down to 219MB while increasing performance with their new quantization scheme!

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